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Written on: April 18, 2022

wip anniversaryThe NPGA Women in Propane Council is celebrating ten years of activities designed to advance the careers of its members, both women and men, at this year’s NPGA Expo in Nashville. Typically the organization hosts a Leadership Forum, a Roundtable and Cocktails for networking at the NPGA Expo. This year, in recognition of the ten year milestone, a Celebration Summit is also being held on Saturday, April 23 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, a day ahead of the annual Leadership Forum.

“We have some terrific events coming up in Nashville,” said Nancy Coop, founding chair of the Women in Propane Council. “Six speakers and a luncheon will be the highlights of a very high-energy, up-tempo, inspirational celebration of the Women in Propane Council,“ added Greg Wasson who leads the Communications & Marketing committee for the Council. Wasson stressed that despite the name of the group, men have always been welcome and encouraged to participate in the Council.

Coop will be one of six speakers at the Celebration Summit, joined by industry leaders including Paula Wilson, Michelle Bimson Maggi and Leslie Woodward. Participants will also hear from Alyson Van Hooser, whose presentation is “Own Your Leadership Success: Create a Highly Engaged Remote Team” and Margaret Morfort, CEO of HR Edge whose topic is “Why Should Someone be Led by You: Five Hard-Hitting Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Ability to Lead People.”

On Sunday, April 24, 9 am to 11:45 am, the Leadership Forum, typically the signature event each year, will be led by Alyson Van Hooser and Phillip Van Hooser who will discuss emotional intelligence and how mastering it can set you up for success. Promotional materials for the event state that with the Van Hoosers’ personal and professional success strategies in tow, attendees will return to work energized and equipped with future-proof tactics to level up the way they lead themselves and their team. “The timing is good for this program,” Wasson said. “So many people are dealing with the end of the pandemic and more team members coming back into the workplace.”

The WIP Roundtable will round out the Expo event with Joy Alafia, president of the Western Propane Gas Association, discussing her trajectory to becoming the president of the association. Promotional materials state that Alafia will share her inspiration, strategies, and resources that enable effective leadership. “She will reveal how to position yourself to be ready for executive opportunities and what to expect once you earn your seat at the table,” according to the Women in Propane newsletter.

“The success of these activities would not be possible without the support of the NPGA,” Wasson said. “They have been great to work with.” Information on Women in Propane activities and how to register can be found at www.npgaexpo.com.