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Written on: October 31, 2022

patAs a company that specializes in serving the needs of retail propane marketers, you have likely explored many options for seeking and building relationships with potential customers.

‘Trending in Propane’ has been reaching the retail propane market each week with a Constant Contact email and links to articles and resources of special interest to retail propane marketers.

Many challenges face this market. How do we stop those who want to essentially ban propane? What are the best strategies for supply amid inflation and strong export demand? Marketers are also interested in techniques and ideas for building value in their businesses. ‘Trending in Propane’ has ideas to share from industry leaders including you!

The potent combination of your unique selling proposition and strong reach and frequency will help position your company in the customer’s mind. Your consistent, repetitive message patiently earns a pole position in the “mental rolodex” of the customer’s minds. When the customer does have a need for your services, your name will be at the top of their mind!

‘Trending in Propane’ can provide a lot of reach through 2,000 emails opened each week and approximately 1,350 unique visits to the website each month.

Please consider joining our ‘Board of Brands’ which appears on the weekly email. Links from your logo will take readers to more information on your business. With a $500 investment, your logo and information is available for a full year in at least 48 issues. In addition, a $500 credit is available for use during the next 12 months for display advertising and other forms of advertising as well.

Thank you for your consideration of ‘Trending in Propane’ for advertising!

Best Regards,

Pat Thornton