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Written on: June 23, 2024

With 20 years of industry experience, Bert Warner joined the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) in March as Director of Commercial Business Development. In this role, created in the past few years to increase focus on growing commercial opportunities, he leads initiatives to increase propane awareness and execute market strategies that support propane-powered equipment and appliances for commercial construction and operations.

“Bert is a driving force who uses his extensive experience and strategic vision to deliver remarkable results,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of PERC. “His impressive track record will continue to support the adoption and awareness of propane throughout the commercial construction industry.”

Prior to joining PERC, Warner served as the national sales and business development manager at Robur Corporation. He is well known for his success in expanding market presence, fostering strong relationships, and for his deep understanding of efficient and sustainable heating and cooling technologies.

“Propane presents an exciting avenue for efficiency and environmental stewardship,” said Warner. “I look forward to building connections and collaborating with those in the commercial sector. Together, we can continue to propel innovation and drive positive change in this industry.”

Warner feels his new role at PERC provides a unique opportunity to make a big difference. “The support level is tremendous, and the people involved here are fantastic,” he said. “This is a great time to share about the benefits of propane to decision-makers in this market. Propane is dependable, efficient, economical, and clean. It’s clear to see the advantages of propane as compared with other energy sources. We are not pushing a rock up a hill.”

“Propane is in an excellent position right now,” Warner said. He cited Combined Heat & Power, diesel displacement, and backup generators as three key areas propane suppliers can focus on to increase sales.

“Continuing to educate and support the industry is the first step in getting there.” Warner believes it is important to lessen the anxiety that comes with talking about new equipment as propane suppliers are willing to step out of their comfort zone and grow. “There are some impressive propane technologies on the market that truly speak for themselves. Our goal is to connect with these industry members so we can show them just how much of a difference they can make.”

Warner feels there are many facilities throughout the country that can benefit from propane-powered equipment. He named assisted living facilities and manufactured housing as two areas of focus. Warner also states, “Propane cooling has been around since the ‘60’s. More and more facilities are adding features such as tankless water heaters and backup generators which are proven to be efficient and reliable,” he said. “We can be a matchmaker for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), suppliers, and customers as we discover specific needs in the marketplace. Propane marketers who work to identify specific needs and bring together the key people and resources will likely benefit with increased sales.”

“There is more than one flavor of ice cream for a reason,” Warner said as the subject of electrification was raised. “Often, we need to sell many levels of decision-makers on a new approach to a project before a change is made.” Warner believes there are polarizing myths among many decision-makers that must be overcome as the discussion of carbon emissions takes place, “Many people still don’t understand the obvious truth that coal was likely involved in the creation of the electricity running their electric vehicle,” he said. “Having those discussions with engineers and builders is important not only to convince them, but also to have them comfortable enough with the facts to convince their customers that another approach has better benefits.”

“We can change minds and add customers and gallons one discussion at a time,” Warner said. “As we mobilize more people having the discussions, real growth and opportunity for propane usage will take place.”

For more information, please visit propane.com or email Bert Warner at bert.warner@propane.com.