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Written on: April 10, 2023

Propane Supplier “Walks the Walk” by Relying on Industry Fuel

Frederick, Maryland. – ThompsonGas, LLC headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, plans to unveil new autogas powered vehicles at the National Propane Gas Association’s Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Nashville Tennessee, April 23rd-25th.

Showcasing ROUSH CleanTech autogas technology in a Ford F750 bobtail and Ford F550 service truck, ThompsonGas demonstrates how propane marketers can embrace their own sustainable fuel to power medium and heavy-duty vehicles. ThompsonGas’ propane vehicles operate on ROUSH CleanTech fuel systems, which are certified to the ultra-low nitrogen oxide level of 0.02 g, making them 90% cleaner than heavy-duty engine standards. “Time and time again, propane offers an economically smart choice for fleets of all sizes, especially propane suppliers,” said Todd Mouw, executive vice president for ROUSH CleanTech. “Our technology helps companies like ThompsonGas meet our nation’s shared sustainability goals.” Furthermore, ThompsonGas’ featured Ford F750 autogas powered bobtail is identical to those the company used in supporting relief efforts after Hurricane Ian in 2022. “As stewards of the industry and our environment, the easiest way we can “walk to walk” is to embrace our own fuel in our fleet and take advantage of its reliability, cleaner emissions, and the cost savings it provides.” says Jon Loeb, senior vice president of sales at ThompsonGas.

Monte McLeod, director of autogas at ThompsonGas adds, “Propane is such a dynamic fuel and autogas is the turning point for our industry. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of how versatile propane truly is.” Visitors to the NPGA Expo can see this autogas technology firsthand in the ROUSH CleanTech booth, #118.

About ThompsonGas: Founded and operated since 1946, ThompsonGas provides propane services to more than 250,000 residential, commercial, and agricultural customers across 26 states in the East, Southeast, West, and Midwestern United States. ThompsonGas continues to operate under the business principles of trust, service, and taking care of their employees and attributes these values as the reason for their record growth. ThompsonGas is currently the 6th largest propane company in the U.S. For more information, visit ThompsonGas.com.