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Written on: August 16, 2022

See why the benefits of tankless water heating make it an ideal fit for an increasing number of commercial projects.

The right water-heating choice for any project depends on a variety of factors ranging from hot-water volume needs to space savings and budget. But in her latest commercial water-heating roundup, PM Engineer chief editor Nicole Krawcke finds that the benefits of commercial gas tankless water heating are an ideal fit for an increasing number of projects.

“The answer really depends on the type of application,” Amy Turner, director of marketing for Intellihot, tells her. “Restaurants with their space needs are installing mostly tankless systems, as these units fit into tight space constraints well. Many of these units are wall-mounted, providing valuable floor space for other restaurant operations.”

“We still see some new construction projects in other industries using ‘tank-type’ applications due to engineer familiarity through decades of work,” Turner adds. “But when an engineer looks at their needs and the many benefits of tankless, it’s a really easy decision to go tankless. Today’s tankless models provide great cost efficiencies, plus offer so many advanced benefits not found on tank-type systems, including working with building information systems and providing remote monitoring.”

If you’re evaluating water-heating products for your next building retrofit or new construction project, our Ultimate Guide to Commercial Tankless Water Heating is an ideal way to get up to speed on this rapidly growing category.

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