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Gray, Gray & Gray delivers the Power of More® for propane marketers through consulting, accounting, and business advisory services specifically tailored for the propane industry. This includes everything from management and operational issues to banking relationships and cybersecurity defense, to strategic planning and succession planning. The firm’s FuelExchange® merger & acquisition service helps owners buy, sell or merge their propane company.

Services: Consulting, Strategic Planning, Accounting, Tax Planning & Compliance, Succession Planning, FuelExchange™ Merger & Acquisition Service, Personal Wealth Management (through Gray Private Wealth, LLC),

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150 Royall Street, Suite 102
Canton, MA 02021

Website: www.gggllp.com

Contact: powerofmore@gggllp.com

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
We help propane marketers manage the complex market driving supply, demand, costs, and margins by providing timely and accurate information and insightful analysis. This leads to better-informed decisions for the future of a propane business.

RBN Energy is about making connections across energy markets. We connect energy data with the information needed to understand that data. We connect physical markets for energy commodities with financial markets for managing price risk. And we connect people who need energy markets information with those that provide that information.

Daily Energy Blog, Consulting Services, Premium Energy Market Subscription Reports, School of Energy, Speaking Engagements, Advisory Services, Maps, Market Studies, Conferences, plus breaking news, and commodity prices via the ClusterX App.

Our Office:
2323 S. Shepherd Drive, Suite 1010
Houston, TX 77019

Website: rbnenergy.com

contact: info@rbnenergy.com

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
At RBN, our passion is energy market analytics. We offer a broad range of consulting services and information products including the RBN Propane Billboard Report. This report features insightful commentary and analysis of historical and anticipated trends in the U.S. will a deep dive into the propane supply and demand balance by PADD. It includes a custom 1-year forecast with commentary and analysis on emerging market opportunities.