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Written on: October 2, 2023

PPATEC September Program Graduates Excited to Enter the Workforce

Five new individuals will be making the transition from a student to an employee for the upcoming 2023-2024 heating season. On September 15, PPATEC (Pennsylvania Petroleum Association Technical Education Center) held a graduation ceremony for their HVAC & Energy Professional Program. The September 15 event featured spouses, parents, grandparents, and employers present to celebrate the student’s achievements as well as acknowledging their exciting new career choice.

The September 2023 HVAC & Energy Professional Program graduates include Alex Kreider of Stevens, Benjamin Farber of Annville, Daniel Segundo of Harrisburg, Eric Love of Steelton, and Eric Snyder of Hanover. Four out of five graduates were recipients of the Robert V. Boltz Scholarship Foundation.

Alex Kreider is a recent high school graduate of Cocalico School District where he entered into an HVAC co-op with Vertex Mechanical during his senior year. Alex decided to attend PPATEC to receive formalized training and industry specific certifications prior to formally entering the HVAC industry. Alex accepted a job with Vertex Mechanical prior to attending PPATEC and started on the job immediately after graduation.

Benjamin Farber is a military veteran who was able to offset 100% of PPATEC tuition costs by using his GI Bill® Benefits. Benjamin entered PPATEC with no direct employer relationships but was able to interview with multiple companies during the 10-week program. He ultimately decided to accept a position with Constant Comfort Solutions LLC and started in his new HVAC career soon after graduating.

Daniel Segundo had previously worked two jobs but was in search of better career opportunity in the HVAC/Energy industry. He was ultimately hired by Home Climates, Inc. prior to the start of the July HVAC & Energy Professional Program. Daniel attended the program as an employee of Home Climates and will return to the company with industry specific training and important certifications.

Eric Love previously had experience in the HVAC field but was most recently working the commercial sanitation industry. Eric was able to utilize PA CareerLink® to help sponsor his PPATEC tuition costs and brush up on his HVAC knowledge base. Eric interviewed with multiple employers and ended up accepting an offer with HB Home Service Team.

Eric Snyder was working a warehouse job and wanted to make a career change into the HVAC & Energy industry. He interviewed with multiple PPA and PPATEC member companies while attending the HVAC & Energy Professional Program. Eric decided to take a position with Suburban Propane and will start his career as an HVAC field technician in September. Eric will also go on to obtain a CDL through an internal Suburban Propane training program.

PPATEC, an arm of the PA Petroleum Association (PPA), offers leading hands-on technical training solutions for the HVAC and energy industry. The PPA is a not-for-profit trade association representing 450+ energy stakeholders. PPATEC is a postsecondary entry-level career training institution licensed by the State Board of Private Licensing Schools and is approved by the VA to accept GI Bill® benefits.

In 2022, PPATEC launched its HVAC & Energy Professional Program, a 10-week, hands-on curriculum tailored to provide the skills needed to secure a job in the HVAC and energy industry. Since then, graduates of the program have routinely enjoyed multiple employment offers, often graduating on a Friday and going into a new career the following Monday.

According to Ted Harris, PPATEC’s Executive Vice President, there is a state-wide shortage of more than 2,000 HVAC and energy technicians — jobs with an average annual salary well above $50,000. PPATEC created its entry-level training program to help PPA members fill that pressing need. “We’re glad to play a role in preparing these — and other — young men and women for family sustaining careers in an in-demand field,” says Harris.

Candidates have multiple opportunities for financial support. Veterans can use GI Bill® benefits to defray the cost of the program. PPATEC also routinely offers scholarships to candidates. In addition, PPA members have an opportunity to sponsor a candidate entering the program. To learn more about PPATEC’s program, visit https://ppatec.com/.