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Written on: October 23, 2023

By Matt Blashaw, HGTV Host and Propane Influencer

A love of the great outdoors is deeply rooted in my background. As a native Californian, my love for nature persists even in my new home state of Kansas. Transitioning to the Midwest lifestyle has meant adjusting to the seasons, and let me tell you, my first winter was brutal.

But living in the Midwest is great! I’m grateful to help families build or renovate their dream home—a place to enjoy and make forever memories. The most common question I receive from clients: how can we extend the kitchen space, a place where everyone loves to congregate, to the outdoors? My answer every time: propane. Propane is a clean energy option that will turn an outdoor area you mow into a showcase you can use nearly year-round—even when the air turns cold.

Homes that use propane inside and want to use it outside can hire professionals to install and connect appliances like propane grills, smokers, or fire features. In addition to connecting to a main propane supply, there are also propane appliances that use portable propane cylinders (like the ones you use for your grill) to extend and upgrade outdoor spaces.

The second most asked question clients ask: what are the best elements to include in an outdoor living area? There are a variety of options to include in your outdoor space that are already proven to improve happiness levels. With propane, you can:

Enjoy Pool Time Longer
Add ambiance with landscape lighting
Sharpen your chef skills with an outdoor kitchen
Cozy up next to fireplaces and fire pits
Beat the chill with patio heaters

The third most asked question: how can we do it with durable, low-maintenance products that are good for our family and good for the environment?

Homeowners can feel confident using propane because of its environmental and economic benefits. Using propane produces 52 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid. It’s an energy option that’s good for families and good for the environment.

For this California guy turned Midwesterner, propane for outdoor living is a win-win regardless of the time of year.