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Written on: June 30, 2024

The Southeast Propane Alliance Technical Education Center continues to impress with yet another leading education program for the propane industry’s advancement.

GRAHAM, NC – The Southeast Propane Alliance Technical Education Center (SEPATEC), in partnership with RegO, is pleased to announce the groundbreaking of the RegO Training Area. This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to testing and training new products related to propane and propane autogas. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the advancement of eco-friendly and efficient fuel solutions for the automotive industry.

The Rego Training Area represents a significant investment in cutting-edge technology and training programs. John Jessup, president & CEO of the Southeast Propane Alliance (SEPA), is the main point of contact for further details on project investment. He shared his thoughts on the project, stating, “The propane industry must adopt autogas in our own fleets for its environmental and economic benefits. Autogas engines already meet the 2027 and 2030 emission standards, and we need to position ourselves to take advantage of this opportunity to grow our industry.”

Rego’s strategic partnership with SEPA and SEPATEC solidifies a collaborative effort to promote innovation and sustainability in the autogas industry.

The Rego Training Area’s primary purpose is to provide a state-of-the-art platform for testing and training on new products related to propane and propane autogas, while leveraging a strategic partnership among industry and SEPATEC. Cody Reeves, LPG & NH3 product manager at RegO and SEPA’s 2024 Supplier of the Year, expressed his commitment to the partnership, stating, “Rego is dedicated to the industry and to revolutionizing the autogas industry. We are enthusiastic about the potential of groundbreaking initiatives such as the Rego Training Area and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the future of sustainable transportation and the propane industry as a whole.”

This groundbreaking project began in early spring and is now in the construction phase, expected to conclude in the next few months. It marks a new era in propane autogas technology.

The success and progress of this project can be attributed to the dedication and expertise of key individuals, including John Peña, Director of Education at SEPATEC; Bob Moore, an instructor at SEPATEC; and Cody Reeves, the LPG & NH3 product manager at RegO.

For more details about becoming a partner in the project or the autogas program of instruction, please contact John Peña, Director of Education at jpena@sepatec.org or (919) 364-3003.

About Southeast Propane Alliance (SEPA): The Southeast Propane Alliance was established in 2021 to promote, protect, and encourage the growth of the LP-Gas industry in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Over the years, these non-profit associations have worked to safeguard the interests of our industry, our members, and our consumers. The propane industry is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s most widely used fuels in residential, commercial, recreational, and industrial settings. The propane industry plays a significant role in the economies of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia combined, with an estimated economic impact of over $4 billion. Collectively, these three states account for a combined total of 687 million gallons of propane.

About Southeast Propane Alliance Technical Education Center (SEPATEC):

SEPATEC is a 10,000 sq ft state-of-the-art training facility located in Graham, North Carolina. With concentrated, career-focused, hands-on courses, SEPATEC is an innovative, industry-led, employer-driven program that provides students with thorough training leading to employment in the propane industry.

About RegO Products:

RegO Products, a North Carolina-based company with over 100 years of advanced manufacturing technologies, innovative product development, and global sales network capabilities, is a complete line of expertly designed, long-lasting gas flow and control solutions. Their products are 100% tested and backed by the industry’s best technical and sales support. RegO designs and tests its products in the USA for supply worldwide with regional customization.