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Written on: May 10, 2022

By Jerry Schimmel

Safety training doesn’t end with CETP certification. In fact, safety training and communication with your employees company-wide is essential to maintain compliance with DOT, OSHA, and state regulatory requirements. We know, it sounds like a lot. How can you make time to plan training, gather materials, and get your team together every month or quarter for a safety meeting? P3 Propane Safety can help.

Customized Safety Training & Meeting Packages
Our safety training and meeting process is designed to help our clients successfully conduct and complete safety training on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Packages are built by our team of propane safety experts that share decades of experience in the industry and can be customized to your company’s operations. We provide:

Annual Training Calendar

Our team will create a recommended training calendar for your company each year. Monthly training and meeting topics will be determined based on the time of year and relevant training requirements or refreshers.

Training Materials
You’ll receive professional training materials that can be used in two ways. First, you can use these materials to lead safety meetings with your team. Or, these materials can be given to each member of your team to read, review, and quiz individually. This allows your management team to set up a process that works best for your company.

Instruction or Leadership
Along with the training materials, you’ll be provided with detailed instructions for teaching, coaching, and implementing the given training information. This is a valuable resource for management whether they are leading monthly safety meetings, answering questions from independent review and training sessions, or overseeing implementation of training in daily tasks.

Annual Refresher
Your propane safety consultant will refresh your training calendar annually, taking into account any topics that didn’t fit into the calendar from the previous year, new requirements, and/or identified areas for improvement.

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Jerry Schimmel is vice president at P3 Propane Safety, providing compliance and risk management technology for the propane industry. He can be reached at jerry_schimmel@p3propanesafety.com or 401-481-2281.