warm thoughts


Written on: January 18, 2023

Todd Mouw, President of Roush CleanTech, shared comments on LinkedIn and an article about challenges faced by electric trucks that need to be focused on before a push for EV at all costs.

“There is no doubt that the electric truck/bus push is here and in some cases is a perfect fit for the use case. However, the top down push for EV at all costs does not make sense until the industry can innovate and solve some significant challenges connected to widespread adoption.

A few of those are…access and cost to the raw materials to produce batteries, charging infrastructure, the capability of the grid to handle a significant increase in demand, resiliency in the case of natural disasters, how clean is the electricity we currently generate, 2nd life of batteries, reduced vehicle range and payload and costs that are significantly higher than their IC counterparts.

It is time to stop talking about why it makes sense to go EV and focus on the challenges so trucks can get the job done for the commercial and retail customers.

The article can be found here.