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Written on: January 22, 2024

In the ongoing conversation about clean(er) transportation, we continue to hear that the only solutions are electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. We believe these technologies will play a pivotal role over the coming decades. However, consumers should avoid “stepping over the dimes to save the pennies” along the way. The most important step we can take right now is to remove as many outdated diesel vehicles from the roads as soon as possible with commercially viable technologies such as propane autogas.

I can tell you with confidence that the false sweeping statements about propane autogas don’t hold up. With that in mind, I’d like to share a helpful one-pager with you that outlines important truths about propane autogas

We’re committed to providing a fair and balanced view of the entire alternative fuel picture and advocating for consumer choice. Here are some foundational truths:

Unlike diesel, propane autogas is not a carcinogen. Today’s propane engine technology is so advanced that the harmful emissions that are of the most concern to the Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental advocates are reduced to near zero. Propane is a domestically produced, reclaimed energy product that would go to waste if it were not salvaged from other American energy processes. Compared with all other alternatives, propane autogas is the most efficient fuel option for fleets, based on cost and lifecycle.

Electric is a great option, but not the only option. Right now EVs don’t make sense for every fleet vehicle, especially the more complex higher gross vehicle weight rating trucks. I truly believe that most emerging fuel types should and will play a vital role in transforming the future of the transportation landscape and creating energy resiliency.

Propane can help us take that next step — today. It’s a readily available, affordable and uncomplicated solution, especially for school districts.

We hope you share this information with your colleagues, and we’d welcome the opportunity to connect and discuss how propane vehicles are part of today and tomorrow’s transportation solution.

I wish you a prosperous, happy and healthy 2024!