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Written on: August 12, 2022

As Publisher, I want to test the interest in using the Trending in Propane platform for “classified” advertising propane retailer to propane retailer. If you have an asset that you as a propane retailer would like to sell to another retailer, please email me the details in 50 words or less and provide a jpg picture of the asset, your name and contact information. Whether a trench-digger, a large 18-wheeler. or something else you want to sell, we have buyers most likely.

This offer today will be FREE of charge. The offer of FREE will not last too long if we decide to launch a classified section, but I assure you it will be reasonably priced if we do. Take advantage of this offer soon and send classified ad information by end-of-day next Tuesday, August 16 to be published Wednesday, August 17.

Pat Thornton
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Trending in Propane