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Written on: June 29, 2024

HAMILTON, OHIO – RegO®, part of OPW, a Dover company, and a leading provider of solutions for the propane industry, is excited to announce the launch and availability of the new SSA3218F Series 3” Single Flange Interval Valve.

This stainless-steel internal valve model has been designed for use in LPG and NH3 loading and unloading activities for bobtails, transport trucks, nurse tanks, and liquid-storage plants and terminals. The SSA3218F valve is able to be actuated manually, via remote cable or through many types of actuators, which are sold separately. The unit’s cam-type roller openings provide decades of dependable, low-maintenance service life.

Other features and benefits of the SSA3218F valve include:

• Liquid cannot be trapped between the outlet of the valve and downstream shutoff valve, with no need to install a hydrostatic relief valve
• Stainless-steel body, stem, seat and springs that increase service life even when used in the harshest operating environments
• Nitrile seat disc and PTFE stem seals
• Packing that can be easily serviced because the piping does not have to be disconnected in order to remove and repack the stem
• A high-flow design that helps prevent pump cavitation and efficiency loss, resulting in optimized time and cost
• Built-in excess-flow valve and shear studs that meet or exceed industry safety standards
• Maximum allowable working pressure up to 400 psig (27 bar), with a temperature range of -40ºF to 165ºF (-40ºC to 74ºC)

For more information about the SSA3218F Series 3” Single Flange Internal Valve or any of the systems and equipment from OPW Propane Energy Solutions and its RegO Products brand, please visit regoproducts.com.

About RegO® Products
Founded in 1888 and headquartered in Elon, NC, USA, RegO® Products is a premier manufacturer and worldwide supplier of gas-control products for use in the industrial gas and liquefied cryogenics industries, and in 2021 became a founding member of OPW Clean Energy Solutions, which is part of the Dover Corporation’s Clean Energy & Fueling business segment. RegO specializes in the development of cryogenic valves, regulators, storage and containment systems, and recently completed development of a nozzle for use in the transfer of LNG.

About OPW Propane Energy Solutions:
OPW Propane Energy Solutions, part of OPW, a Dover company, is the home of RegO® Products and concentrates on serving the needs of its customers in the liquid propane gas (LPG) and anhydrous ammonia (NH3) markets. At OPW PES, the goal is to increase awareness that LPG is a perfect “green” alternative for traditional fossil fuels. As the world continues to embrace clean energy sources, the demand for LPG is expected to rise sharply, most notably in emerging markets where it can be used as a clean, affordable and readily available alternative to current energy sources like coal and wood. The market niches in which LPG and NH3 can help shape a new clean energy future include a wide range from residential heating to industrial agriculture applications. For more information about any of OPW’s Clean Energy Solutions companies, please visit opwces.com.