warm thoughts


Written on: December 11, 2023

Recently, Propane Resources posted on Facebook regarding Company Employee Allan Degenhardt who has been spearheading efforts to help the homeless community in Kansas City. The message shared information on Degenhardt’s 501c3, “Handwarmers for the Homeless”:

“We have a great group of employees at Propane Resources…we really do. They’re dedicated, dependable & giving.
In the propane business, dropping temperatures are what we look forward to…it’s our bread and butter. But what about those less fortunate?

Allan Degenhardt (a member of our Supply & Risk Management Division) lent a helping hand to the homeless population here in the greater Kansas City area. He worked with Project Uplift to deliver food, water & coats under bridges and to homeless camps during the cold winter months. Then, in October of 2014, he began his 501c3, “Handwarmers For The Homeless,” to help them survive and help ward off frostbite. Allan & his wife Joany, with the help of sponsors (Hot Hands & Taking It To The Streets), have given approximately 10,000 hand warmers away per year since 2014 and expect to give away another 10,000 this winter…that’s no small feat!

We’re thankful for Allan’s caring soul and are proud he’s part of our team. Above is a picture of Allan and his first hand warmer shipment for Winter 2023/24.

If you’d like to support Handwarmers for the Homeless, DM us for more information.” Degenhardt can be reached at allan@propaneresources.com.”