warm thoughts


Written on: October 26, 2022

A few days ago, PERC CEO and President Tucker Perkins posted on LinkedIn regarding his recent talk to a Clean Cities Coalition luncheon:

How do we start to reduce emissions today? We can’t wait for the “someday” that all-electric advocates say will come, and for some disadvantaged communities, that day may take even longer to arrive. What can we do in the meantime?

Yesterday at the GREATER WASHINGTON REGION CLEAN CITIES COALITION luncheon, I spoke on a panel about how propane is a clean energy solution we can put to work for us NOW, both as a standalone fuel source, like in propane-powered school buses and homes, but also in partnership with other energy sources – a perfect example being the propane-powered electric vehicle charging station that was on display around the block.

As fellow speakers pointed out, environmental justice is so often overlooked while we wait for the promise of electrification. I’m happy to say that #propane is helping to clear the air in communities across the country every day by reducing emissions and by being reliable and affordable – it truly is the energy for everyone.