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Written on: August 25, 2022

Recently, Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) spoke on his “Path to Zero” podcast about some exciting new findings from the recent NREL study which took over a year to complete. He began his podcast with these remarks:

“Typically, I have a guest with me but today, I’m flying solo for a very specific purpose. I’m going to talk for just a few minutes about Renewable Propane, and right off the top, I’ve got some news I want to share with you. PERC, in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Lab – we also call it by its acronym, NREL – recently published a study regarding renewable propane, and it ended with some surprising conclusions. The study asked the question to bio-refiners: Is it in your financial interest to produce and sell renewable propane to marketers and markets, like transportation –– or –– is it financially smarter to use renewable propane within your refining processes as an on-site fuel or even as a feedstock for creating hydrogen?”

The full recorded podcast and the text can be found here.

More details on the NREL study are in the adjacent article here.