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Written on: June 7, 2022

Recently Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) penned an opinion piece for The Tennessean expressing concerns about the “electrify everything” movement and its effect on options for gas stoves.

He stresses the risk of energy equity, affordability, consumer choice and good Tennessee jobs. In addition, he challenges concerns about air quality with gas stoves as being able to be resolved with better ventilation over cooktops rather than replacing gas stoves with electric stoves. “Sustainability experts should be challenging builders to ensure homes are being built with the best ventilating systems available today,” he states. “The argument for induction stoves is yet another attempt by clean energy advocates to advance the all-electrification conversation and elimination of other alternative fuels that are preferred by millions of Americans and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy.”

Perkins notes that induction stoves are often at least $1,000, nearly double the price of gas stoves which is, of course, a problem especially in disadvantaged communities. He challenged the ability of the electric grid to handle the increased load and stated that in most parts of the country, replacing the direct use of gas with electricity in a home will also increase greenhouse gas emissions since gas has a lower carbon intensity than electricity from the grid.

Arguing for a wide path approach to decarbonization, Perkins argues that gas stoves, generally preferred by chefs and home cooks as well, are at risk to be replaced by electric stoves if a clear understanding of the pitfalls associated with the electrify everything movement are not soon realized.

Read the editorial by Tucker Perkins here.