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Written on: July 11, 2023

From the National Propane Gas Association Bobtail

The preservation and expansion of propane’s market share across the buildings sector continues to be a top priority for NPGA and our state and regional associations. In 2021, sales to residential and commercial customers represented 76% of all gallons sold. And this revenue stream is critical for the continued success of our industry.

NPGA recently created a new section on our website dedicated to the issue of state energy choice laws. These statutes ensure propane is not being artificially restricted or excluded as an energy option across the buildings sector. These protections are necessary because local governments, including municipalities and counties, have taken steps to ban the installation of propane equipment and delivery infrastructure.

This content, which includes an issue background and an interactive map on state energy choice laws, is available on the My State page of the website. Please note for full access, users need to log-in with their website credentials. Based on the 2021 sales report, more than 44% of all propane gallons are sold in energy choice states. For more information, contact NPGA’s Director of State Affairs, Jacob Peterson at jpeterson@npga.org.