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Written on: February 27, 2023

Both the Propane Gas Association of New England and the National Propane Gas Association have been alerting members regarding legislation that could negatively impact the propane industry.

In Connecticut, the Environment Committee has raised a bill (SB 979) that was up for a public hearing on Monday, February 27th that does the following:

* Would allow municipalities to adopt zero emission building codes which amounts to a ban on oil, propane, and natural gas heating equipment, which is a backdoor way to ban fossil fuel equipment.
* Requires licensed HVAC tradesmen and plumbers to take CEU’s to learn how to install heap pumps properly.
* Creates a “home energy label” for residences and rental units to determine the cost of energy (heating, cooling, lighting) usage that would devalue homes that heat with oil, propane, and natural gas.

In Vermont, propane companies are being encouraged to contact lawmakers regarding Senate Bill #5, dubbed the “Un-Affordable Heat Act.”

Tell Lawmakers: DON’T Raise Energy Prices!
If you depend on propane, heating oil, dyed diesel or kerosene, you need to know about Vermont Senate Bill #5. It will drive out competition and drive up the cost of heating your home.
It is expected to add at least 70 cents to a gallon of heating fuel.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently announced a series of targets, initiatives and executive actions to reduce emissions and combat climate change. These directives will greatly impact energy providers and consumers across the Garden State.

The Plan includes the following Executives Orders:

Executive Order 315 – Establishes a target of 100% clean electricity sold in the state by 2035;
Executive Order 316 – Sets a goal to electrify (new construction and retrofits) 400,000 dwellings and 20,000 commercial properties by 2031;
Executive Order 317 – Requires the Bureau of Public Utilities to open a proceeding to examine how natural gas utilities will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, consistent with state policy.
Governor Murphy currently serves as Chair of the National Governors Association. For more information, please contact NPGA’s Jacob Peterson at jpeterson@npga.org.