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Written on: September 6, 2022

Bottom Line: The development of the 2023 edition of NFPA 58 has taken a giant step towards completion with the passing this week of the committee ballot to approve the second revisions.

From NPGA Bobtail

Every revision that was proposed by the NFPA Technical Committee on LP-Gas was ratified by ballot. Therefore, the only opportunity to change the first and second revisions proposed by the technical committee will be through the NITMAM process (Notice of Intent to Make a Motion), which is the ”appeal” process NFPA has implemented. Any such notice must be formally submitted and accepted by NFPA by the November 2 deadline.

NPGA’s proposals fared extremely well during this revision cycle and some of the new concepts will be introduced, including requirements that would allow the general public to refuel propane-powered vehicles; a new piping material called “reinforced thermoplastic piping” that can be used for piping liquid underground; and, new concepts that rely less on excess flow hardware and more on supervision and keeping internal valves closed when a bulk plant or industrial facility installation is not actively moving product. For more information, please contact Chief Technical Officer, Bruce Swiecicki, at bswiecicki@npga.org.