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Written on: May 16, 2023

Showcase your latest scientific developments on production of renewable Liquid Gases at the very first Global Science Conference (GSC2023)

    LPG Week 2023/Rome marks the inaugural GLOBAL SCIENCE CONFERENCE (GSC), bringing together research scientists from both academia and industry.

    GSC is designed to provide a platform with a selection of exceptional innovators for the presentation of cutting-edge advancements from academic institutions, research establishments, and developers from around the world on production pathways of renewable Liquid Gases.

    GSC will take stage during LPG Week in Rome on Friday, 17th November 2023.

    Be part of GSC and a catch a glimpse at the early-stage ideas and scientific breakthroughs shaping the LPG industry with world-class scientists and a 200+ audience.

    Compete for the WLPGA GSC Awards

    The WLPGA GSC Award will be given to the most outstanding scientific contribution selected from the papers presented in Rome.

    An additional award will also honour contributions from an early-stage researcher (under 35 on the conference day).

    With a wealth of benefits to the winners, this is the opportunity to showcase a paper and take home the ultimate prize in LPG science.

    Submit your paper to GSC2023 in three steps

    Take the chance to present your paper at GSC2023. The countdown to GSC is On!

    Think of your most recent scientific development on renewable Liquid Gases production, renewable LPG and renewable DME
    Describe how it can enhance the LPG industry
    Complete the abstract and submit it
    Explore some examples of topics that might be presented in the submission guidelines.

    Abstracts will be reviewed by the WLPGA Global Science Council based on scientific content with an emphasis on the potential contribution to the LPG industry.

    Click here for Full Guidelines and Submission