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Written on: December 4, 2022

Members of the PERC staff returned from LPG Week in India a couple of weeks ago with a renewed sense of purpose according to PERC President and CEO Tucker Perkins. “So much of the world lacks access to crucial needs like clean air, water and energy,” Perkins said in a post on LinkedIn. “At World LPG Association’s LPG Week 2022 in New Dehli, members of the global propane industry spoke about ‘Humanizing Energy’, and there is a huge opportunity for propane to do just that.” Cooking with propane improves indoor air quality for families cooking indoors over dung- or wood-fired stoves, and reduces deforestation and time spent foraging for fuel sources, Perkins noted. “Propane autogas provides clean transportation in densely-populated cities,” he said. “Farmers in rural areas can use propane to grow and harvest their crops. Propane, the Energy for Everyone, can provide energy equity for people around the world in so many ways”

“The PERC team has returned from India with a renewed sense of purpose; we must continue to develop innovative uses and technologies for propane to ensure that everyone has access to clean, safe and reliable energy,” Perkins said.

Globally, one in three people still rely on traditional methods of cooking, according to an overview regarding Humanizing Energy. Traditional methods include burning firewood and solid biomass, both of which have been shown to adversely impact individuals’ health, contribute to gender inequality, and harm the surrounding environment. The UN has established access to “affordable and clean energy” as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), with ambitions to achieve universal access to clean cooking methods by 2030. The cost of achieving this target is estimated to be $4.5 billion a year. While this is no small sum, the World Bank estimates that the cost of inaction is in the region of $2.4 trillion per year, over 500 times the cost of positive action.

The document outlining efforts to humanize energy can be found at: