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Written on: November 1, 2022

From the Propane Education & Research Council

For buildings that aren’t yet protected by a standby generator, the stakes are getting higher. Concerns about damaged power lines from wildfires or weather events remain, but recent events are making the problem worse, Emily Gallagher reports in Propmodo. “Thanks to supply chain constraints, the war on Ukraine, and, in some markets, an unprecedented influx of construction, global power grids ‘are about to face their biggest test in decades with electricity generation strangled in the world’s largest economies,’ according to the Insurance Journal,” she writes.

The article lays out the stakes for commercial property owners but also provides a path forward, offering advice on generator sizing and fuel types, and laying out the benefits of propane-fueled units. “Propane’s distinction as a cleaner fuel is making propane generators more popular for commercial properties,” she writes. “Propane generators are ideal for more remote locations where other fuel sources might not be easily accessible.”

Whether you have a role in property or facility management or architecture and engineering, a foundational knowledge or standby power generation options is critical to make sure your projects maintain resilience in the face of of increasing power outages. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Power Generation to learn how propane-fueled generators can get the job done reliably, affordably, and with minimal environmental impact.

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