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Written on: August 3, 2022

Industry veterans and consultants Mike DiGiorgio and Shane Sweet of propaneandoiltraining.com announced in early August that the team is offering its CETP Book One class, exam, and skill assessment to one employee at every propane marketer in America at no charge.


Sweet and DiGiorgio say there is a substantial number of propane industry personnel, particularly customer service and other non-technician and non-driver staff that have never completed CETP Basic Principles & Practices.

“Our research indicates that there are plenty of propane industry people that have not had the opportunity to take Book One Basic Principles and Practices”, said Mike DiGiorgio.” This is our way of getting active propane industry people into and through Book One Basic Principles, the foundation class for all CETP”.

Sweet said that starting in August 2022 the offer provides the training – at no cost to the student or propane company – to one employee from every propane marketer in America. The offer will conclude on December 31 2022 and the class is a 2-day CETP Book One Basic Principles and Practices instruction, exam and skill assessment.

Any individual employed by an active retail propane marketer is eligible to take the free Book One class. It will be up to the propane company to choose which person from their company attends the free session on behalf of the company, Sweet said.

DiGiorgio, well known for his early adoption of virtual training, said the offered classes are instructor led, live, online, and interactive. The training concludes on the 2nd day with the examination and skill assessment completion process.

The examinations are proctored online using the standard PERC platform. Individuals have to set up their personal PERC account in advance of the class and administered exam. Those testing will have to login to the PERC portal and their username and password is required to do so.

The DiGiorgio-Sweet partnership, operating as propaneandoiltraining.com, has been offering numerous virtual classes since June of 2021 and has trained hundreds of propane industry personnel in the Basic Principles and Practices curriculum, as well as other CETP books, CETP skills assessments, propane cylinder requalification training, hazardous materials, fire safety analysis, jurisdictional systems services, and more.

The offer is applicable and redeemable at any Book One class from propaneandoiltraining through 12/31/22.

Sweet said the free classes will be integrated into their regularly scheduled offerings for Book 1. Registrants eligible for the special offer will be issued a coupon code that will reduce the class registration fee to zero at time of purchase online. There are no deposits and no other fees.

“Drivers, service technicians, customer service staff, sales staff: Essentially anyone in any role as an employee of any propane retailer is eligible for the free class”, Sweet said. “The free class is limited to one person per company”.

Email info@propaneandoiltraining.com or contact Shane Sweet at 802-558-6101 (cell.text) for more info. Their website is propaneandoiltraining.com.