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Fischer Tanks

fischer tanks

Never Compromise Quality for Cost

A subsidiary of TerraVest Industries, Fischer Tanks mission is to heat homes across the US and Canada by building and refurbishing high-quality propane tanks for residential and commercial use through the commercial propane market.

Fischer Tanks’ 90,000 square -foot building sits comfortably on 96 acres in Kaleva, Michigan with its own fleet of trucks and trailers. The experienced team at Fischer Tanks knows what it means to manufacture 500- and 1,000-galloon above-ground quality tanks. “Save it, don’t scrap it!” has become a popular phrase around the company due to the specialization in refurbishing old tanks and restoring them to excellent condition through a proprietary, multi-step process.

Fischer Tanks Offers:

  • New and refurbished propane tanks focused on 500- and 1,000-gallon tanks aboveground and underground in standard and custom colors.
  • Refurbishing services using a proprietary multi-step refurbishing process.
  • Repair and recertification of tanks having pinhole leaks or broken handles and feet, as well as excessive corrosion and other repairable damage.
  • Purchase of propane tanks for those not interested in refurbishment.
  • Hauling services for every refurbishing option, including pickup and delivery services.
  • Powder-coating mastery using Fischer’s proprietary process that involves a meticulous series of steps, inspections, and choice of three coatings depending on the tanks’ environmental challenges.
  • UT Technology providing a 3D image of the weld.
  • Advanced manufacturing process that blends robotics and handcraftsmanship on new and refurbished tanks.
  • All new tanks meet UL-listed specification, NFPA 58, NBIC, and ASME Section VIII, Division 1.

Tanks Designed to Withstand the Test of Time

  • Straight-leg design with center support
  • Thick-forged
  • 0.250-inch-thick shell
  • Robotically welded and consistent quality
  • Advanced weld inspection
  • Superior powder coating

Fischer Tanks
P.O. Box 25
13884 Rengo Ave.
Kaleva, MI 49645
David Edmondson, General Manager, dedmondson@fischertanks.com