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Written on: December 13, 2022

Despite recent industry challenges, CEO Tom Knauff remains confident the
propane industry has a bright future ahead

EDP President & CEO Tom KnauffEnergy Distribution Partners (“EDP”) marked its 10th year in business with a corporate gathering in early November at its headquarters in Chicago. The company was launched in 2012 by industry veteran Tom Knauff and has since completed 34 transactions. EDP now serves more than 200,000 customers across 19 states.

Mr. Knauff is a propane industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, with a special expertise in acquiring and growing operations that range from rural, retail-focused marketers to large commercial-based marketers that serve major industrial customers. He has personally been involved in more than 100 transactions over the course of his career.

“I am extremely pleased to reach this important milestone,” said Mr. Knauff, EDP’s Chief Executive Officer. “And I’m especially pleased to be celebrating our 10th year in business with the incredible team we’ve built at EDP. I am very proud of our team’s hard work and the positive impact we’re making on the propane industry. We’ve helped more than 30 sellers transition their businesses while maintaining their legacies, continuing to take exceptional care of their customers and providing valuable career opportunities for their employees.”

Mr. Knauff added, “I want to also emphasize that, although our industry has seen a considerable number of challenges in recent years, I continue to be encouraged by how resilient this industry is and how progressive we’ve become. We’ve dealt with a tremendous amount of volatility in supply and pricing, we’ve battled through a pandemic, and we’re currently fighting the fallout of high inflation. But we are working together with our industry colleagues to tackle these difficult challenges, as well as significant hurdles like the “electrify everything” movement in certain states. I am confident the propane industry has a bright future ahead.”

EDP is actively seeking to expand its national footprint and diversify through the addition of new retail propane and midstream operations.

About Energy Distribution Partners

Chicago, Illinois-based Energy Distribution Partners is a rapidly-growing company in America’s fast-changing energy landscape – with deep experience in retail and commercial propane sales, operations and finance. The company provides safe, reliable propane service to residential and commercial customers in California, Washington, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Delaware. Energy Distribution Partners pursues a long-term strategy of purchasing successful operations in propane and other fuels and in the midstream energy sector, retaining the brand name, preserving local management and delegating to leaders in local communities.

EDP is actively seeking partners for growth. For more information, please visit www.edplp.net.