warm thoughts


Written on: January 2, 2024

Recently Mark Stec, Operations Manager of Eastern Propane & Oil, shared information via LinkedIn challenging an Electric Heat Mandate in Massachusetts. Here are a couple of Stec’s recent statements along with informational graphics:

“22,000 Massachusetts homeowners without power after storm. The propane industry doesn’t need maps like this because our infrastructure can handle New England weather. In fact many of these homeowners are using propane generators as back up. Say NO to the Electric Heat Mandate!!!”

“The propane industry provides the State of Massachusetts with hundreds of jobs. The propane industry heats thousands of homes where the electric grid can not reliably do so. The propane industry should be part of the solution to climate change. Do not allow the State to take away your choice of how you heat your home. Electricity is not efficient, it’s creation is not ‘clean’, electricity is not affordable, and the electrical grid is not capable of delivering enough power to support winter heating demand. Please let your state representatives know you do not want an electric heat mandate!”