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Written on: May 2, 2023

Recently, Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council, was interviewed on the Green Business Impact Podcast. Introductory information is here:

Does propane play a role in our energy “transformation” as Tucker Perkins calls it, not energy “transition”?


And make sure that you stick around for this entire episode to figure out just what role that propane and natural gas will play during this energy transformation that is currently taking place.

Because we need to make this transformation happen as soon as possible, so we need to explore all potential avenues.

and plus, if we can get a win where we are burning a much cleaner gas, with extremely reduced carbon footprint, and that allows us to reach our goals of NetZero faster around the world than we have to do it.

Plus, as Tucker mentions during this interview, there are 13 new ways of sourcing RENEWABLE propane, and through some methods may even be carbon negative.

So all I can say is don’t discount the role that propane will play in our energy transformation, and stay tuned for this entire interview to find out how the future of propane as part of our journey to fight the climate crisis.

0:00 – Propane’s role in the energy transformation
2:52 – PERC intro
3:54 – Distributing information about innovations
5:26 – Why propane should be included in a low carbon future
7:14 – Mediator between diesel and electrification
11:14 – Reason for the emphasis on last-mile vehicles
12:48 – Why not passenger vehicles?
14:44 – Architecture of engines
16:10 – Renewable propane
18:24 – Example pathway for renewable
20:17 – Where Camelina crop is in the development process
22:18 – Scale of energy production for propane
24:44 – What led Tucker to become president of PERC
26:39 – Future of propane
28:35 – Global reach
30:15 – Path to Zero podcast
32:07 – Favorite episode: Diesel’s last decade (link below)
32:51 – Podcast goals
35:12 – What Tucker is currently learning
37:15 – Tip for Ecopreneurs
38:06 – How to get in touch with PERC: propane.com

Check out PERC’s website:


Make sure to listen to Tucker’s podcast Path to Zero:


And don’t miss out on the episode that he mentioned during our interview today about making this the last decade of diesel:


A link to the Green Business Impact Podcast with the interview of Perkins is here.