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Written on: May 22, 2023

From Pat Thornton, Publisher

patIn addition to publishing ‘Trending in Propane’ each week, I do a variety of contract projects in the propane gas industry. One of the most interesting projects has been custom phone surveys of customers throughout the propane industry. Whether for a State PERC, a large corporation or a small retail operation, it is always worthwhile to learn what customers have to say. They will often be a little more candid when talking to a third party rather than a staff member of the company being discussed.

There is plenty that can be learned from a sample of customer discussion. What is their perception of your company? Do they know of and understand all of the offerings and benefits you have to offer? Is there a significant concern some customers have regarding your company services? What aspects of your company do they appreciate most?

With a respect of the customer’s time, a limited number of key questions is recommended. Often though, customers will want to share some specific information or detail some thoughts they have regarding their experience with your company. These details can be very useful in understanding a customer’s point of view and their thought processes. The fact that you are even conducting a survey shows you want to have the best company you can.

A good survey should not be (but often is) about trying to craft results to make the company look good to corporate leaders. It should be about truly learning what is on people’s minds and using the results to further improve the customer experience.

If you would like to discuss a confidential survey of customers for your business or organization, please contact me at 913-909-7917 or thorntonpat@rocketmail.com. By the way, I always welcome your thoughts and ideas on ‘Trending in Propane!’