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Written on: April 28, 2024

A message for Connecticut propane marketers from the Propane Gas Association of New England requested they reach out regarding an upcoming vote on an Omnibus Environment Bill.

Action Needed on CT Climate Bill

A vote will most likely come in the next several days on the Omnibus Environment Bill requiring the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to study how to install 310,000 heat pumps. This comes barely a decade after legislators set a goal of 300,000 natural gas conversions. The legislature was wrong then, and they are wrong now!

This legislation is a “priority” for the Speaker of the House of Representatives. While this proposal does not include any funding or a deadline to install the equipment, it sets in motion the potential for future action that would incentivize heat pumps over the equipment our customers use.

Please send an email to your local legislators requesting that our equipment be included in the bill, and expressing our concerns about other issues in it. This link takes you to the CEMA Call to Action we are utilizing. Thank you!

Feel free to personalize it if you have time.