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Written on: June 15, 2024

Chad Thomas to continue as Vice President and General Manager of OPW Clean Energy Solutions

HAMILTON, OHIO – OPW®, a Dover® company, and a global leader in the development of fluid-handling solutions, is excited to announce that Chuck Liebal has been named the new General Manager of OPW Propane Energy Solutions (OPW PES). In this role, Liebal will be responsible for developing and managing the integration of the RegO® Products brands into the OPW organization and OPW PES business unit.

Late last year, OPW announced that the OPW Clean Energy Solutions business unit would be divided into two distinct business units: the existing OPW CES, led by Chad Thomas, Vice President and General Manager, which focuses on the cryogenic, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other industrial gas markets, and the new OPW PES, which will concentrate on serving the needs of its customers in the LPG and anhydrous ammonia (NH3) markets.

Liebal, who has more than 20 years of experience in the retail-fueling industry, makes the move to OPW PES after having been at OPW Retail Fueling since 2010, most recently as Manager of Product Management from 2017-23. He began working with the ACME Cryogenics® and RegO brands in 2021 after they had been acquired by the Dover Corporation and made founding members of the new OPW Clean Energy Solutions business unit. In 2022, he was the CES Integration Manager, leading the incorporation of ACME and RegO into the OPW family. He then spent 2023 into 2024 as the Commercial General Manager for the OPW PES LPG business, where he led the new product development, engineering, product management and sales teams.

“Chuck’s two-decade-plus experience in the fueling market and his 15 years with OPW make him the perfect choice to be the leader of our new OPW Propane Energy Solutions business unit,” said Kevin Long, President of OPW. “The trust we have in Chuck to execute this role comprehensively and professionally is extremely important as we have reached a point where LPG has become a cornerstone fuel in the global energy market. As the world continues to fully embrace greener energy sources, the demand for LPG is expected to rise steadily, both in existing and emerging markets. With that in mind, we are confident that Chuck will position OPW PES and the RegO product brand at the forefront of this LPG evolution as they develop equipment and systems that will help ease and optimize the transition to fuel alternatives worldwide.”

As Liebal ascends to the role of GM of OPW PES, Thomas will continue to lead the OPW CES team as he has since January 2023. In this role, he is tasked with building a robust business that will meet the needs of operators within the growing clean-energy fuels market. Thomas assumed the VP/GM role after spending 10 years at RegO Products, where he served as Vice President of Product Portfolio with responsibilities for the strategy, research and development, product management, marketing and quality organizations.

“Chad’s extensive experience with all aspects of the RegO Products business, as well as his knowledge within the OPW family and clean-energy market, make him the ideal person to be the leader of our OPW Clean Energy Solutions business unit,” said Long. “The ongoing worldwide growth of the clean-energy market will present OPW CES with many opportunities to capture additional market share, but only if the business is led by someone who knows the industry and the best ways to capitalize on its growth. We feel Chad has what it takes to position OPW as a leader in this segment and we look forward to the great and innovative things that he and his team are poised to accomplish.”

OPW CES serves a diverse range of markets, including cryogenics, hydrogen, LNG and industrial gas. The products that have been produced for many years by RegO and ACME help contribute to the advancement of the wide-ranging clean-fuels infrastructure, including storage and transport, all of which are critical in optimizing operations in such varied industries as heavy-duty trucks, aerospace, aviation, railroad and maritime. Additionally, the industrial gas segment within OPW CES plays a vital role in various manufacturing processes within the semiconductor, food and beverage, and aerospace industries. Already, Thomas has overseen the launch of a new series of liquid hydrogen (LH2) refueling nozzles while expanding OPW CES’ product focus into the realm of valves, fittings and vacuum-jacketed pipes.

For more information on OPW Clean Energy Solutions and OPW Propane Energy Solutions, as well as their equipment and systems for use in the handling, storage and delivery of cryogenics, hydrogen, LNG, LPG, NH3 and industrial gases, please visit opwglobal.com.