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Blue Peak Resources

Blue Peak Resources is a full-service consulting firm specializing in propane gas and fuel oil mergers and acquisitions. Clients engage Blue Peak Resources to sell their business or advise them on increasing the value of the business they have worked so many years to build. John Armentano and Mike Gioffre began this venture to help family-owned propane and fuel oil businesses plan for their exit, gain maximum value and continue their legacy for generations.

Our vision is to become a trusted and valued resource when exit planning is your next step. If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner that understands the energy industry’s complexity and has a proven track record—you’ve found your match.

Visit our website here to see what our clients have to say about their experience working with Blue Peak.

Our Office:
2355 Vista Parkway, Suite #100
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Website: bluepeakresources.com

Contact: John Armentano (ja@bpeakr.com)

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?

Multiples are at an all-time high, and many owners are wondering if now is the time to sell. At Blue Peak Resources, our mission is simple: We connect the right businesses with the right people at the right time. Selling a family business can be an emotional and life-changing experience. Our team of professionals will keep the process simple yet effective, so you can receive maximum earning potential. If you would like to learn more, call John Armentano at 914.420.2933 or email him at ja@bpeakr.com.

Blue Peak Resources

Purple Frog Graphics

Purple Frog Graphics is a full-service print and promotional company specializing in the needs of the propane gas and fuel oil industries. Clients engage Purple Frog when they want to elevate their brand with premium promotional products as well as eye-catching, vibrant designs on high-quality adhesive vinyl with UV gel ink technology that has a five-to-seven-year lifespan. We will ensure that you stand out from your competitors with the right messaging and memorable products. You can count on us for cost-effective solutions that suit your business needs and your budget.

Visit our website here to see what our clients have to say about their experience working with Purple Frog Graphics.

Our Office:
2355 Vista Parkway, Suite #100
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Website: purplefroggraphics.com

Contact: Tyler Armentano (ta@purplefroggraphics.com)

Purple Frog Graphics

Since our inception in 2012, EDP has purchased more than 30 well-run propane businesses. We operate over 30 brands across 15 states, and we’re still growing.

We’re a respected multi-state marketer, so when you sell your business to EDP, we’ll work hard to preserve the legacy you have built. How? By continuing to invest in the growth of your company, remaining active in your local community, operating safely, and taking exceptional care of your employees.

Visit our website’s Testimonials page to see what satisfied sellers have to say about their experience in selling to EDP.

Services: If you’re an owner of a high-quality propane company, as you contemplate your next chapter, consider selling your company to EDP. We’ll preserve the legacy you worked so hard to build, and take great care of your employees and your community. Plus, we’ll work with you on the most advantageous after-tax outcome.

Our Office:
10 S. Wacker Drive
Suite 3325
Chicago, IL 60606

Website: edplp.net

Contact: David Stroupe (dstroupe@edplp.net)

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
Many owners of high-quality propane companies have spent years building their businesses, and are now looking at their exit strategy. A big step like that can be daunting, but EDP can help. Collectively our seasoned leadership team of propane industry veterans has been involved in more than 200 successful acquisitions. We work with owners to identify their next steps, then help create a transition plan that benefits everyone involved. So, if you’re interested in selling your business and want to know more, visit our website’s Acquisitions page, call David Stroupe at 312.254.5954 or email Dave at dstroupe@edplp.net.

For more than 40 years, we’ve brought together engineering, manufacturing, construction and safety expertise to focus on operational excellence. We provide the best in turnkey LPG and NGL systems and infrastructure solutions as well as safety and compliance training. We have manufactured more bulk plants and trans-shipment terminals throughout the United States than any other company and have over 1,100 autogas dispensers located across North America. In addition, we design, engineer, construct and service vaporizers and mixers, rail towers, metering and odorant skids and stand by fuel systems.

13660 Station Road
Columbia Station, OH 44028



RBN Energy is about making connections across energy markets. We connect energy data with the information needed to understand that data. We connect physical markets for energy commodities with financial markets for managing price risk. And we connect people who need energy markets information with those that provide that information.

Daily Energy Blog, Consulting Services, Premium Energy Market Subscription Reports, School of Energy, Speaking Engagements, Advisory Services, Maps, Market Studies, Conferences, plus breaking news, and commodity prices via the ClusterX App.

Our Office:
2323 S. Shepherd Drive, Suite 1010
Houston, TX 77019

Website: rbnenergy.com

contact: info@rbnenergy.com

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
At RBN, our passion is energy market analytics. We offer a broad range of consulting services and information products including the RBN Propane Billboard Report. This report features insightful commentary and analysis of historical and anticipated trends in the U.S. will a deep dive into the propane supply and demand balance by PADD. It includes a custom 1-year forecast with commentary and analysis on emerging market opportunities.

Propaneandoiltraining.com. offered by Mike Digiorgio and Shane Sweet, offers live, online, interactive, and instructor-led propane, propane-related and petroleum training and education classes. Training regularly offered includes CETP Classes and Exam, CETP Skill Assessment Completion Sessions, Hazardous Materials Initial and Recurrent (Refresher) sessions, Propane Cylinder Requalification Training, Fire Safety analysis for propane bulk facilities and petroleum storage compliance, Train the FSA Administrator(s) for your company, Operator Qualification and Operations & Maintenance Services for propane Jurisdictional Systems, Dispensing Propane Safely virtual training sessions for those with propane pump stations, Preparation of any manual that you need to include to complete your security plan, and more. On-site is also available upon request.

Our Services:
CETP Classes and Exams, CETP Skill Assessment Completion, Hazardous Materials-DOT classes, Fire Safety Analysis services, Train FSA Administrator(s) for Operator Qualification and Operations & Maintenance Services (Jurisdictional Systems), Dispensing Propane Safely virtual training sessions for propane pump station operators, Preparation of any manual needed to complete your security plan, Propane Cylinder Requalification Training class.

Website: propaneandoiltraining.com

Contact: Shane Sweet 860-558-6101 info@propaneandoiltraining.com

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
“Propaneandoiltraining.com. and its live, online, interactive, instructor-led propane and petroleum training gets your needed training done without the time and expense associated with on-site educators and consultants. All of our sessions are LIVE in a virtual environment. No class minimums mean no cancellations because the class runs no matter how many students attend. We can help with CETP, CETP Skill Assessments, Operations & Maintenance Services for propane Jurisdictional Systems, Dispensing Propane Safely virtual training sessions (for propane pump stations), Preparation of any manual that you need to include to complete your security plan, and more. On-site is also available upon request.

Industrial Propane Service, Inc. and IPS Equipment, Inc. are a family of solutions for the propane industry! Together we offer plant construction and service, bobtail fabrication, Autogas dispensing systems and a full line of propane equipment specifically selected to meet the needs of the propane retailer. We are very proud of our reputation and the premise of which our company was founded – to always provide quality products and exceptional customer service. We are very committed to our customers and taking care of their propane equipment needs and technical support requirements.

Propane plant construction and service; bobtail sales, service and testing; Autogas dispensing systems; propane equipment distributor for products such as RegO, Blackmer, Worthington, Quality Steel, and Mopeka IOT!

303 W. Maple St.
Byron, MI 48418

Website: www.whyips.com

Contact: kim@ipsequipment.com

What’s trending in propane and how can we help?
IPS offers a family of solutions for the propane industry! We are consistently developing systems to improve efficiencies for the propane marketer. We research products and distribute the most high-quality and superior products in the industry.

Otodata has been a key player in the tank monitoring industry for over ten years. Our goal has always been to produce a monitor with very low cost of ownership – making large-scale implementation affordable for all fuel resellers. We are proud to say that we design, develop, manufacture and sell our award-winning tank monitors, management software, and mobile app to businesses all over North America.

Services: Propane, fuel, gases, water, chemicals, lubricants, temperature and more. A tank monitor to suit your corporate needs.

Our office:
1212 Louvain W,
Montreal, Quebec, H4N 1G5,

Website: https://www.otodatatankmonitors.com

(844) 763-3344

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
All of our monitors provide precise, extremely reliable data, carry industry leading warranties, and are compatible with all read-ready dial equipped tanks. On top of it, our monitors won’t be affected by the 3G network shutdown. Start testing free today!

We are a family-owned tank manufacturing company that has worked for the past 39 years to bring ASME certified Propane Tanks to our customers and help them grow their business through the acquisition of their equipment in the most cost-effective and hassle-free manner possible. We strive for quality and use only premium brands of Valves & Gauges, and we have our automated paint booth for powder coating our products.

Services: Above & Underground Propane Tanks, Autogas Dispensers, Tank Heads, Domes

Our Office:
1209 S 10th Suite A444
McAllen, Texas 78501

Website: www.metsa.com

Contact: sales@metsa.com

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
Metsa Tanks can help with the rising demand for propane tanks for all types of customers such as residential, commercial, and agricultural. We are committed to our customers by delivering a top-quality propane tank all over the United States & Canada.

For more than 25 years, Warm Thoughts Communications has brought cutting-edge strategies to the energy industry. We are experts in understanding how your propane, heating oil and HVAC-related business makes money, how your customers think, and how to use modern marketing techniques to fuel your growth.

Brand Development, Website Creation, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Plan Development, Customer Service and Sales Training, Diversification Strategy, Direct Mail

Our Office:
300 Broadacres Dr. Suite 205
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Website: warmthoughts.com

contact: info@warmthoughts.com

What’s Trending in Propane and How Can We Help?
Warm Thoughts Communications is an energetic group of marketing professionals relentlessly committed to our employees’ and clients’ success. We work hard and have fun in the process. We value commitment, initiative and high performance and we support each other. On projects, with clients, in life.