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Written on: April 17, 2023

Propane Ninga is proud to announce Dayne Brady as a new Team Leader.

“Dayne Brady will take on the role of Managing Director as Propane Ninja builds its business divisions,” Said Mike Dodd, CEO of Propane Ninja. “Dayne is a uniquely qualified individual with decades of experience in the right categories to push the Ninjas into another tier of business growth, size, and quality. We are excited to have Dayne’s skills to enhance this company’s trajectory.”

Some of Brady’s more prominent industry accolades include the NPGA Benchmarking Council member (10 years), Director for the International sector of the NPGA Board of Directors for 2010 (Incumbent), and voting member for NPGA TSS&S (Technology & Standards committee).

Brady recently spent 7 years building CleanGas of the Cayman islands from a startup to a prominent competitive company in the market.

“Dayne is ready to take the reigns at Propane Ninja and start building the business into a dominating full service propane company for the State,” Dodd said.