warm thoughts


Written on: July 15, 2022

Amanda Bacon-Davis has been active in marketing in the propane industry for many years. Her resume includes Director of Marketing & Communications for Palmer Gas & Oil, Division Director for Lamprey Energy, and President of Savvi Strategies which helps businesses of all sizes with their marketing, public relations, new product launches and company culture. More recently, Davis has been added “Author” to her resume after writing a Children’s Book, This Thing Has a Name, regarding the challenges of anxiety.

“My family’s story of anxiety, this thing, is very much like the millions of people who suffer with it. It’s awful,” she states on her website. She notes she is not a doctor, is in no way a medical professional, but is a mother who has a 9-year-old child that’s been battling anxiety since she was two. In addition to the book for children, she has a website, thisthinghasaname.com, where she further discusses her family’s journey.

More information on the book and how to order it can be found here.