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Mid-year Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors Last 6 Mths: 2,425

Options for Advertisers Q1 – Q4 2024

Weekly E-News for Retail Propane Marketers
Rates based on quarterly prepay via credit card. Annual plans may start any time.

$450/year – Board of Brands
Logo on 48 Weekly Emails with link to
Listing & Details in Web Directory

Special Additional Offers for Advertisers –

$50 – Video Sponsor of the Week – You provide the video – Should be educational but can also be promotional. Limit Two per Quarter per Company (Unless no other company has reserved)

$350 – Custom Email for Your Company – One of no more than two custom Emails sent per month.

$500 – Custom Email including a custom 30-second video ad and two-minute video interview – This video is a produced by a professional video editor designed with you and Trending in Propane Publisher Pat Thornton

$150/quarter – Ads under articles
One of up to 20 ads rotating
evenly under articles.
Two appear at a time per article.
See actual size under articles on the website.

$350/quarter – Ads on Right Side
of all website pages.
One of up to 12 ads Rotating evenly on
Right Side of all website pages. Six appear at a time.

Ad space is limited except for ‘Board of Brands.’ Other options involving limited space and timing for ads and custom emails and videos will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.