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Mid-year Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors Last 6 Mths: 2,425

Options for Advertisers Q4 2023, Q1 – Q4 2024

Weekly E-News for Retail Propane Marketers
Rates based on quarterly prepay via credit card. Annual plans may start any time.

$450/year – Board of Brands
Logo on 48 Weekly Emails with link to
Listing & Details in Web Directory
(Unlimited ads)

Special Additional Offer for Board of Brands Participants –

$505 – Custom Email for Your Company – One of no more than two custom Emails sent per month.
Includes Link to Video Sponsorship: A 30-second video ad and two-minute video interview.
(3 of 24 booked for ’24 as of 9-11-23)

$150/quarter – Ads under articles
One of up to 20 ads rotating
evenly under articles.
Two appear at a time per article.
See actual size under articles on the website.
(9 of 20 booked for ‘24 as of 9-11-23)

$350/quarter – Ads on Right Side
of all website pages.
One of up to 12 ads Rotating evenly on
Right Side of all website pages.
Six appear at a time.
(6 of 12 booked for ‘24 as of 9-11-23)

This is a proposal with new pricing options being shared with current and future advertisers. Ad space is limited except for ‘Board of Brands.’ Other options involving limited space and timing for ads and custom emails and videos will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Payment for 2024 plans are not due prior to Dec. 15, 2023.