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Written on: February 7, 2023

An uptick in renovation projects has homeowners exploring energy-efficient heating options.

Increasingly, radiant heating is in the same conversation as furnaces when homeowners seek ways to improve comfort and efficiency. Manufacturers say it’s an encouraging sign that the residential market is warming up to in-floor systems as a heating alternative.

“As knowledge spreads among engineers, and their experience base and confidence in the systems grow, there’s less fear about being the vanguard in the ‘new technology,’” Ryan Westlund, REHAU’s senior manager, says in Plumbing & Mechanical. “They are using something they’ve used successfully in previous projects.”

Manufacturers cite several converging trends that are playing in radiant heating’s favor: the pandemic-driven uptick in home renovations, greater awareness of indoor air quality, and a growing demand for energy efficiency.

While kitchen and bathroom renovations are providing more opportunities for radiant heating, new applications are coming to the fore, such as home offices.

Installers aren’t limited to in-floor heating, either. More radiant heating systems are being installed in walls and ceilings. When combined with a propane condensing boiler, these systems can be one of the most efficient and comfortable sources of heat for a home or workshop.

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