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Written on: May 24, 2022

By Jerry Schimmel

In the propane industry, cold weather means more propane deliveries and more frequent interruption of service situations. Interruption of service calls, also called out-of-gas calls, are much more common during the winter season. It is critical that every propane company has the proper protocol in place to make sure that interruption of service situations are handled correctly.

Is your team prepared to handle interruption of service calls this winter? Read on to find out the top three things you need to maintain compliance, keep customers and employees safe, and reduce company risk.

Proper Protocol for Propane Interruption of Service
Policies and Procedures
Do you have a written policy regarding interruption of service calls? Do you have written procedures for each member of your team to reference during the response process? Written policies and procedures should include a script for customer service representatives answering these calls and specific procedures for the response team to follow.

Employee Training
When a customer contacts your company with an interruption of service situation, your customer service team is the first line of communication. It is crucial that CSRs are trained to handle interruption of service. Additionally, training is crucial for the delivery drivers and service technicians that respond to and remedy these out-of-gas scenarios.

You know the phrase: if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Properly documenting interruption of service calls and your team’s response is crucial to protect your company and the service person performing the work in case of litigation.

Handling Interruption of Service Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache
So, how does your company protocol for interruption of service situations stack up? Making sure you have all three of the elements listed above in your safety program will help your team operate more efficiently while protecting your company.

Have questions about policies and procedures, training, safety documentation, or anything else regarding interruption of service or propane safety? Ask our experts! Submit your safety question to a propane safety expert today.

Jerry Schimmel is vice president at P3 Propane Safety, providing compliance and risk management technology for the propane industry. He can be reached at jerry_schimmel@p3propanesafety.com or 401-481-2281.