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Written on: April 4, 2023

From the National Propane Gas Association Bobtail

North and South Dakota recently became the 22nd and 23rd states to enact state-level laws to protect energy choice. These bills ensure local governments cannot pursue policies to prohibit new gas infrastructure, including specifically propane connections, and artificially restrict the marketplace. As such, they safeguard energy freedom and consumer choice. And in the case of South Dakota, their legislature also passed a companion bill to ensure localities cannot prohibit the production or use of gas appliances, such as cooktops and fireplaces. Both the North Dakota Propane Gas Association and the South Dakota Petroleum & Propane Marketers Association worked diligently to ensure all three bills passed with broad, bipartisan support.

Around the country, local governments are taking steps to ban the use of thermal fuels in residential and commercial structures and enact all-electric building codes. Thus, these state protections are incredibly important. For more information, contact NPGA’s Jacob Peterson at jpeterson@npga.org.