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Written on: March 16, 2024

Roush CleanTech President Todd MouwBy Todd Mouw, Executive Vice President of ROUSH CleanTech

This year’s NTEA Work Truck Show was nothing short of encouraging, with the Green Truck Summit setting the stage for vital discussions on the future of the transportation industry and the continued advancement of clean transportation solutions.

A key takeaway from the event was the undeniable progress in electric vehicle (EV) technology. With battery and overall vehicle technologies evolving rapidly, the future of EVs seems promising. However, challenges like grid capacity and the time to deploy charging infrastructure are still major hurdles for widespread EV deployment today. Amidst this, propane autogas emerges as a stellar alternative, especially for medium-duty fleets with more complex upfits where electric options are limited.

Propane not only offers a clean, accessible option but also boasts cost efficiency and reduced emissions, making it a pragmatic step toward sustainable fleet operations.

The immediate advantages: Propane has successfully been used as a vehicle fuel for decades and has proven its reliability and efficiency in medium-duty fleets. It provides the lowest total cost of ownership compared with other fuels. Propane vehicles have no cold-start issues, offers range similar to gasoline and has no impact on available payload.

A propane fueling station costs less than any other transportation energy source, including electric, CNG, gasoline or diesel. Propane also has a well-established public infrastructure in place with over 2,500 fueling stations across the U.S. to support fleet operations.

In an increasingly complicated and rapidly changing transportation landscape, propane offers the most readily available, affordable and uncomplicated clean-fuel solution.

This is why more than 4,000 fleets are running 50,000 propane trucks and Blue Bird school buses with our vehicle technology across North America. They have accumulated more than 3 billion miles over the last decade and see savings in excess of $.34/mile based on today’s fuel prices. Couple that with a significant reduction in harmful emissions and it is a perfect solution for your fleet as technologies such as battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell continue to mature over the next decade plus.

Let’s keep pushing for progress and exploring innovative solutions for a greener future. Connect with us to discuss how propane vehicles can be part of your fleet today. More information on ROUSH CleanTech is at www.ROUSHCleanTech.com.