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Written on: July 6, 2022

Tips Provided By the Propane Education & Research Council
Missouri PERC PropanePro Home in Joplin, Missouri Photo Credits: Missouri Propane Education & Research Council

With rural and suburban living on the rise due to high housing prices and easier remote work, real estate agents have a great opportunity to educate their clients about a feature that’s more common outside of cities: propane.

Homebuyers who are moving out of the city may not have experienced living with propane so far. This is an opportunity for agents to demonstrate their expertise by pointing out a few ways propane is unique — and help them save some money along the way. Here are five cost-saving tips real estate agents can pass along to buyers of propane homes.

1. Summer is the best time to buy. Propane prices are determined by market forces like supply and demand. That means summer is the best time to lock in propane pricing, since demand for propane is lower during these months. Your clients can work with a propane provider to review how much propane they’ll need in the year ahead and choose a budget plan that works for them.

2. Find the best payment option for you. Some propane providers offer different payment options, so your client can pick the program they prefer. In general, customers who use more propane will have access to lower prices or fees.
Prepay plans, typically offered during the summer, allow customers to prepurchase propane at a fixed price.
Budget plans operate more like a typical utility: Projected costs can be paid in equal monthly payments, lessening the immediate impact by spreading out costs throughout the year.
Price caps provide a guarantee that the cost per gallon won’t rise above a maximum price.

3. Improve the energy efficiency of your home. The traditional weatherization tips apply for a propane home. Buying a new home is a great time for your clients to improve the airtightness of the home or add new insulation so it costs less to heat or cool. It’s also a great opportunity to upgrade to energy-efficient propane appliances. For example, upgrading from an electric storage tank water heater to a propane condensing tankless water heater will not only provide clients with endless hot water, but it will also save about $150–200 a year.

4. Apply for appliance rebates. Another great way for homebuyers to save when upgrading their appliances is to apply for rebates. Check to see if your state propane gas association has rebates available and pass along the easy win to your clients.

5. Find the right propane provider. One of the unique features of propane is that homeowners can choose their provider. That means they can find the right combination of service, experience, cost, and response time that works for them. Is your client the set-it-and-forget-it type? Suggest a provider that monitors their tank level and provides automatic fills. Or are they more hands-on? Remind them to incorporate their propane purchase into their summer plans so it’s taken care of before winter.

Finding a home with more space and luxurious propane appliances like gas cooktops or fireplaces might be the ideal choice for your clients moving out of the city. Armed with these cost-saving tips, you can ensure they’re confident in their purchase and thrilled with your service.

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